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After an unfortunate hiatus, FromUnderTheCherryTree is back with a bang!  Tonight we will have our first ever liveblog during the fourth and final presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  If the last debate is any indicator, there may be some fireworks in this one folks.

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Bookmark this page and return at 9 pm EST tonight for all the latest thoughts, introspection and analysis of the debate as you watch!

We’ll be watching Twitter and comment feeds as well – so be sure to tweet #FromUnderTheCherryTree and let us know what you think.


GW October 22, 201210:46 pm

And that’s a wrap for tonight folks! Thanks for joining in our first ever liveblog!

GW October 22, 201210:45 pm

Biggest loser in tonight’s debate? Bob Schieffer. Most of the debate was about domestic and economic issues, not foreign policy.

GW October 22, 201210:42 pm

Obama also had bigger sound bites – “horses and bayonets”, “aircraft carriers” and “biggest whopper” – don’t discount the value of a good sound bite in today’s day and age.

Romney’s best sound bite was that we “can’t kill our way out of this mess” – followed closely by “Mr. President, America has not dictated to other nations. America has freed other nations from dictators.”

GW October 22, 201210:39 pm

And the final tally is Obama 62, Romney 58. So by the rounds, Obama wins. Obama appeared more comfortable and statesman like and thus carried the day.

GW October 22, 201210:35 pm

Win for Romney in the closings, 10-8.

GW October 22, 201210:35 pm

Romney gets points for patriotism and good use of allegory. And a lot of points for finally commenting on the partisan politics in DC and talking of overcoming it.

GW October 22, 201210:33 pm

Obama’s closing gets points for pointing out the “clear difference” in the candidate that these debates are supposed to be about – and having a comeback for the attack on his record of Romney (blaming it on Bush of course).

GW October 22, 201210:29 pm

And on to the closing.

GW October 22, 201210:29 pm

Segment Six – debate on the economy of China and the American auto industry is a push..but considering the question was about national security and only Mitt actually answered it (in one sentence, before going on a massive tangent), round goes to Romney – 9-8

GW October 22, 201210:29 pm

Romney scoring points for yet another debate on the fact that Obama has a record to rail against. I thought this was a foreign policy debate though.

GW October 22, 201210:20 pm

But Mr. Romney, isn’t declaring them a currency manipulator adverse to them?

GW October 22, 201210:18 pm

Apparently Obama thinks China’s economy is the biggest future threat to national security. Versus Romney’s comeback with the nuclear Iran being the biggest threat. Points to Romney for actually answering the question. But questionable decision to say we don’t have to be adverse to China..

GW October 22, 201210:16 pm

What do you think of Romney’s strategy, will it work? Can the “Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick” carry the day?

GW October 22, 201210:15 pm

Romney’s strategy, as best I can figure is that if we are strong enough militarily and economically, we can just push our will on everyone and eliminate extremists. That loses to Obama’s extending a helping hand and a long-term commitment. Segment Five to Obama – 9-8

GW October 22, 201210:11 pm

So Romney thinks that we need to hold on to the relationship with Pakistan because they have nuclear weapons and a military government? Should we treat nuclear armed nations differently than non-nuclear armed nations with regard to maintaining alliances?

GW October 22, 201210:06 pm

So are we turning Afghanistan over to Pakistan?

GW October 22, 201210:03 pm

Segment Four strong to Obama the statesman – consensus building and olive branches over centrifuges and four years closer. Bonus for the justice bring-ing story of the haunted little girl at the end. Obama – 10-7

GW October 22, 20129:59 pm

Romney opened a can of worms with that travel/tour bit – strong point for Obama on his travels as a candidate. Trips Romney hasn’t taken.

GW October 22, 20129:54 pm

And….Romney blows it by just calling Obama weak. And criticizing the key attributes of a statesman? Strength, strength, strength doesn’t cut it. Hasn’t since Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick.”

GW October 22, 20129:52 pm

And now playing consensus builder…key Romney opportunity or pitfall coming up.

GW October 22, 20129:51 pm

Uh oh…this is the danger zone for Mitt – Obama’s extending an olive branch, a path for enemies to become our friends. Will Mitt come off as too staunchly militant?

GW October 22, 20129:49 pm

Neither one is willing to actually make the statement that Bob asked – they both dance around it. What worked in the past with Russia doesn’t work today with Iran….of course, it’s really just another version of the Monroe Doctrine.

GW October 22, 20129:45 pm

Segment Three – strong finish for Obama, but a weak overall showing at staying on topic… Obama – 9-8

GW October 22, 20129:44 pm

“Well governor we also have [fewer] horses and bayonets.”

“We have these things called air craft carriers, that planes land on them.”


GW October 22, 20129:43 pm

Our Navy and Air Force are smaller yes – but are they really less capable than in the 40s? I think not.

GW October 22, 20129:42 pm

Annnnd back on topic. Sort of.

Military spending – more money versus better strategy and capability?

GW October 22, 20129:40 pm

Ah, finally back to states’ rights…in the foreign policy debate, nonetheless!

GW October 22, 20129:37 pm

Why would we want to get back to, say, the topic of the debate? No no, let’s talk about education some more!

GW October 22, 20129:36 pm

Aside from “Road to Greece”, has anyone mentioned a foreign policy issue in the last 5 minutes?

GW October 22, 20129:34 pm

Anyone keeping a tally on “I know how to…”‘s from Romney?

GW October 22, 20129:32 pm

Clearly, it all comes back to the economy. Probably a good strategy considering that it’s the thing on most people’s minds.

GW October 22, 20129:31 pm

Good question Bob – let’s just have a few minutes of patriotic rhetoric instead of talking about anything real.

GW October 22, 20129:29 pm

Romney pushing freedom of expression? Something seems wrong about that.

GW October 22, 20129:29 pm

Segment two is a losing draw for both – 8-8

GW October 22, 20129:28 pm

Yes, we want a peaceful planet! It’s all the job of watchdog America!

But only if we have a strong economy first?

GW October 22, 20129:25 pm

Obama – we’re going to win the hearts and minds with…entrepreneurship conferences!

GW October 22, 20129:21 pm

I didn’t realize that Obama “immediately stopped” the massacre in Libya…seemed like a fairly bloody war to me.

GW October 22, 20129:20 pm

Armed insurgents = responsible parties. Got it.

GW October 22, 20129:19 pm

And Romney would give them guns…but not guns that can hurt us. Riiiight.

GW October 22, 20129:18 pm

So is Obama now suggesting that we get involved in a Syrian civil war? Anyone remember Bosnia?

GW October 22, 20129:17 pm

Sanctions and isolation have definitely saved 30,000 people.

GW October 22, 20129:16 pm

Segment one goes to Obama – 10 – 8

GW October 22, 20129:13 pm

So as a comeback I’ll chastise you for attacking me instead of solving issues (it’s not a debate or anything).

GW October 22, 20129:12 pm

Foreign policy of the 1980s, social policies of the 1950s and the economic policies of the 1920s…nice.

GW October 22, 20129:09 pm

Romney “Go after the bad guys and make sure we do our very best to… interrupt them” really???

GW October 22, 20129:09 pm

Obama – addressing Libya directly…and then attacking a non-existent strategy?

GW October 22, 20129:07 pm

Romney – long answer without saying much. He promised a strategy, but didn’t say what he would do. And he congratulated Obama on Bin Ladin…but only got one real barb in (4 years closer..again).

GW October 22, 20129:04 pm

Big shock..starting with Libya.

GW October 22, 20129:03 pm

1 for 1 so far, blue tie on Obama and red strip on Romney – last fashion comment of the night, I assure you.

GW October 22, 20128:57 pm

So Romney wins the toss and will receive…or go first that is.

GW October 22, 20128:54 pm

Predictions: I imagine we’ll hear “Benghazi” more times than Rommel. And there should be some good sparring over free trade and China. And I bet they will go back to the appropriate color ties…

GW October 22, 20128:48 pm

And we’re live – just a bit over 10 minutes before the debate starts!

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    You write so hotesnly about this. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. That’s a subtle way of thinking about it.

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