From Under The Cherry Tree | Technological Playing Field “Beginning to Level” in Campaigns?Technological Playing Field “Beginning to Level” in Campaigns? | From Under The Cherry Tree

For those of you that don’t know, for the first time in presidential campaign history, Republicans can now use technology just as well as Democrats.

I kid of course, presidential campaigns have long used technology to reach the voters – be it the internet in recent years or the steam locomotive in not so recent ones.  I’m not sure the author of this CNN article knows that though.  Apparently only now is the technological playing field leveling between Democrats and Republicans, since now ‘Facebook is ubiquitous’ (as opposed to that barely there, never-heard-of-it thing it was in 2008).  Really?  Who believes that no one on the Republican campaign knew how to use Facebook in 2008?  Just as surely as there were College Democrat groups using Facebook (and – shock- GROWN UPS too!) to try and get Obama elected in 2008, there were College Republican groups and adults using social networking for McCain.

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The core premise of the article is somewhat more interesting than the ridiculous padding at the end – a technology start-up that was spun off of the Obama 2008 campaign is now being used by Mitt Romney (though he apparently has the economy pack – only spending $399 dollars on their services per month as opposed to the $2000 that Obama spends).  It’s an interesting juxtaposition if nothing else – and it gets me thinking, what other companies born on one side of the aisle eventually spread to both sides?  Ah, feeder for a later post perhaps.

In the meantime, let’s just be happy that both sides of the campaign can now A/B test their material – who knows what we would end up with otherwise!

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