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About FromUnderTheCherryTree

Welcome to FromUnderTheCherryTree – a common sense sort of political blog (focusing on economic/legal news).  We won’t pander to you by claiming to be unslanted political news nor will we try to favor one party over the other on a site-wide sense – though we will call out a party or person for a good – or bad – move.  What we will do is comment on the news of the day from our viewpoints and try to bring a little good sense and academic knowledge to the world of politics (*gasp* sense and knowledge rarely mix with politics, but that’s the grand experiment here).  See below for a description of who’s bringing what to the table, academically.

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If you like what you see please feel free to comment, email us, find us on Facebook ( ) or tweet about us (@UnderCherryTree or #FromUnderTheCherryTree) – and if you don’t like what you see, feel free to do the same!  We’re always open to constructive debate and criticism – but if you intend on just being mean for the sake of being mean, please do it elsewhere.

FromUnderTheCherryTree was founded in 2012 by GW (see “About Your Host” below) and is largely his creation – though certain other friends and contributors join from time to time under other pseudonyms.  Note that none of the writers, GW included, make a living from this site – so if you don’t see a post in a while, it’s probably because of our day jobs!  (If you’d like to see more frequent posts and are willing to sponsor us, please email!)

About Your Host(s)


As some of you may have realized, though he writes under the pseudonym GW, GW is actually not George Washington.  Nor is he related to George Washington in any manner…nor does he even look like our first President. Though he may have wooden teeth…

Who is GW then? He is a well-educated (well, broadly educated at least) and somewhat jaded American.  Having been through economic times both good and bad, living in areas both rich and poor, Republican and Democrat, diverse and homogenous, he tries to bring a little bit of all that experience to the posts he writes.  Academically, he bring degrees in Law, Economics and Computer Science to table with years of research in economic theory, tax, corporate governance, constitutional law, employment and countless other topics.  His work experience runs the gamut of American business – from new start-ups to Fortune 100 and others in between (law firms, software companies, financial businesses, etc).